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[VID] 140829 Jay Park on JTBC’s Witch Hunt (by @JAYMUSICS)


  • Yoo Se Yoon sent Jay a text message in English and said he thinks his English is alright. Jay had to break it to Se Yoon that…it’s…not alright.
  • Sung Shi Kyung said ‘Jay Park does it very well' & when the other MCs suddenly asked what he's referring to, he clarified that he was talking about Jay Park's ability as a musician. He continued by complimenting Jay and saying that 'He is the singer who does not suffer at all by comparison with famous foreign artists.’ Jay replied that he was honoured by Sung Shi Kyung’s words.
  • They talked about Jay’s butt being shown (uncensored) in his Holiday SNL Skit with Choi Min Soo, and how the PD had promised to mosaic it, but actually aired it just like that.
  • In reply to a viewer’s concern, Jay explained that one his ‘hyungs’ says that as men get older, they start liking younger girls. Until 3-4 years ago, Jay himself did not have much interest in younger (idol) girls but recently, he finds all idol girls pretty, even if he doesn’t know who they are or what songs they’re promoting. The MCs teased Jay by calling him an ahjussi.
  • Given a choice between A Pink’s Eunji and Miss A’s Suzy as his preferred type, Jay picked Suzy. Between SNSD’s Taeyeon and IU, he chose IU (saying that Taeyeon has a boyfriend). In the final pick between IU & Suzy, he revealed that he never used to like cute girls before (IU’s style) but these days he’s starting to like it a little. He eventually went with IU, saying that he couldn’t pick Suzy because her agency would be against him.
  • Talking about AOMG, Jay revealed that there is no precedence given to hierarchy or rank at the office and despite being the CEO, he also does cleaning.
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